Blue Credit™

Our Approach

The IMMB™ is a Global Force For Ocean Health™  and is leading the world by creating a grand mechanism that can rebuild our ocean’s health on a global scale. Our Blue Credit system creates new marine life, this new life is then broken down into traceable Blue Credits that are valued as natural capital and utilized as a cash marker within the financial and development bank lending system.

Blue Credits are also sold to those with the need to mitigate their marine eco-impacts. The net result is a much healthier ocean, benefits to local communities that rely on marine protein, increased food security and political stability. In certain cases, the reefs we make can attenuate some effects of sea level rise.

beautiful coral reef and many fish

The IMMB™ Difference

The IMMB™ system is far different than traditional restoration in that we promise an exact result:


Verified multiple times by
trusted 3rd parties.

is equal to

One Ton Of Reef

Ample To Support One Ton Of Marine Life

In essence, We offer a guarantee that one ton of new marine life exists within five years of credit issuance, period.
This is verified multiple times by trusted third parties.

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