Blue Credits™ and the related marine life are a form of verified, guaranteed natural capital. Valued as a cash marker in the financial, central banking and development banking world, Blue Credits™ are transforming the way the the world values marine life. Blue Credits™ allow marine life to have a fixed minimum cash value associated with creating and conversing it rather than traditional extraction.

The Great African Food Reef

Blue Credits™  are a primary funding mechanism for Fish Reef Project's Great African Food Reef and other global food/job security and ocean Health Projects. Used at scale globally, the Blue Credits™ can fund, track, measure and guarantee the large scale ocean restoration and enhancement of our world’s ocean like never before.

Blue Credits™ also provide a vital means for developing nations and  those recovering from conflict access to development  loans for reconstruction and stabilization.

For every Blue Credit™ purchased,

One ton of sustained marine life is created within five years of credit issuance.

Blue Credit Coin
Blue Credit Coin
Blue Credit Coin
Blue Credit Coin

Fish Reef Units Are Then Created

Once the Fish Reef Units are created, they will be precisely mapped out and dropped into the marine mitigation bank site.

Each Fish Reef Unit can be monitored

Being able to monitor the new reef creates highly traceable results in both cold water and warm water climates.

There are many environmental impacts that can be offset through the IMMB™

Blue Credits are also a viable means of marine mitigation in regions that lack structured marine mitigation options.  Blue Credits are ideal for planned and unplanned impacts to the marine ecosystem.

Oil Production

Nuclear Waste

Land Mining


seabed mining

Chemical Spills

Rising Sea levels


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