There are many environmental impacts that can be offset through the IMMB™...

The International Marine Mitigation Bank™ will make it possible to reduce the impacts of nuclear disasters and oil spills, reduce the effect of rising sea levels in low lying South Pacific Nations, as well as restore the ocean in places that need it most. Land mining and deep sea mining communities will enjoy the collective benefits of a marine mitigation bank.

Oil Production

Nuclear Waste

Land Mining


seabed mining

Chemical Spills

Rising Sea levels


The process is simple

We understand that your business is important. That's why we make it our business to help you stay in business. Let us help you offset your environmental impacts so that your business can grow in a sustainable and responsible way.

FOr every action, there is an equal reaction

The environment must remain balanced in order to thrive. Once the damage is done, a positive impact must be put into action to balance Our Earth's delicate ecosystems. By purchasing Blue Credits™, Fish Reef Units are then created and placed into the mitigation banks. Simply by placing the Fish Reef Units, life grows at a rapid pace, leaving a positive impact on it's immediate and distant surroundings.

Blue Credit Coin
Blue Credit Coin
Blue Credit Coin
Blue Credit Coin

For every Blue Credit™ purchased,

One ton of sustained marine life is created within five years of credit issuance.

Fish Reef Units Are Then Generated

Once the Fish Reef Units are created, they will be precisely mapped out and dropped into the marine mitigation bank site.


Each Fish Reef Unit can be monitored

Which creates highly traceable results in both cold water and warm water climates.

Take The Next Step...

Let us help you begin the process of making an positive impact.